Barrier Flag

Orientation aids for para-medics


Orientation aids for para-medics, security staff and police

Barrier flags means banner pennants which mark the entrances to the safety lines of an enclosure at events.

This makes it easier for the often time critical deployment of paramedics and safety staff in these areas.

At well attended festivals or comparably large events such entrances are not recognizable due to the amount or the density of spectators present. The deployed personnel lose valuable time when for example attending to injured people and/or administering first aid.

The orientation markings which we use include a fibre-glass pole which is approx. 4m in height. At the top of the pole there is a 1.30m banner pennant serving orientation.

Barrier Flag positioning at large events

In the attached sketch the positioning of barrier flags is indicated by the use of red flags.

Access times drastically reduced

The use of barrier flags as an optical orientation point is proven to reduce the access times of operative and rescue and emergency personnel.

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